The crack in the colorful candy shell.

The wild and wacky misadventures of a bipolar bear.

12 June 1973


Gir is Love


I'm Bob.

I'm about a million in gay years, live in Ohio and I work in EDI Network and Software support. It's not a bad life... in fact, I kinda dig it.

Before you ask, the nick comes mostly from watching a lifetime of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, combined with the fact that I hate my name, I identify with the bear community, but I'm smaller than most of my bear friends, and my birth was not expected. (I'm an identical twin... my mother was only expecting one child... wierdness, but then, this is the story of my life.) BooBoo has haunted me for a long time, so I figured I may as well embrace my inner furry, cartoon worry-wart. If you'd like more information, visit my website.

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User Number: 818469
Date Created:12/18/2002
Number of Posts: 321

Pssst! I'll tell you a secret. I AM Attention Deficit Man... Defender of Truth, Justice, and .... OOOOOOoooooooh... Shiny!
Strengths: Easily amused. Distracted by bright, shiny objects. I can take any conversation and turn it into inane babble. Incredibly friendly... normally.
Weaknesses: You never did catch on to that "bright, shiny objects" thing, did you? It's like Kryptonite, I tells ya.
Special Skills: Age-defying Multi-tasking, but not on purpose.
Weapons: Super Hyper Red Bull attack!
Allies: Manic-Depressive Girl and NoNo, the Sexually Abused Chimp.

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